High value business storage in Belfast

Many large businesses generate a considerable amount of material that has to be stored safely and securely, for long or short periods. It may be business records, surplus furniture, office equipment or promotional collateral.  Hanwood Storage offers safe, dry, cost-effective storage to hold it until required.


35 Sq ft
Suitable for document storage


80 Sq ft
Suitable for document storage
and small office furniture


160 Sq ft
Suitable for the contents
of a 1500 Sq ft office

Your additional business support includes:
  • Pallet storage available on day or week rates

  • CCTV security

  • Fork lift operators on hand

  • Waste disposal service available*
  • Wi-Fi for mobile working
  • W/C facilities on-site

Our products require very specific storage conditions, with temperatures within tight margins. Hanwood Storage built a bespoke temperature-controlled unit for us and managed our stock flow to the highest standards. Their approach and support has played a major part in our success in the Northern Ireland marketplace.

National Photocopy supplier

From a location point of view, Hanwood Storage couldn’t be more convenient for me but what impresses me is the way David and his team go out of their way to help. Yes, it’s run in a business-like manner, but there’s a strong element of helpful common sense, and courtesy in how they operate. They make it easy for me to store my stuff there, and that’s why I do.

Barry Hobson, Pirate’s Golf, Dundonald Ice Bowl
Our PR business generates a great deal of client material, all of which has to be stored, everything from print material and give-aways, to seating and display stands. Hanwood Storage gives us the ideal solution, with a large, dry, clean unit that holds not only our clients’ collateral, but the overflow of equipment and furniture from our own offices. It’s utterly secure too, so nothing’s tampered with and items come out in the same condition as they went in. I couldn’t recommend Hanwood Storage highly enough.
Kieran Donnelly, Director, Morrow Communications
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